What is the lottery calculation formula?

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Playing online lottery at present In addition to being very comfortable then. It makes the way to play more, too. Because it is able to place various types of bets, whether it is Thai lottery, Hanoi lottery, Lao lottery, Yi Ki lottery, Malaysian lottery, foreign stock lottery, etc. Everyone must want to win the lottery to get money. Therefore, today we are going to introduce formulas and methods that can be used to calculate lottery tickets. Let’s see. สมัคร UFABET

2 What are the methods for calculating the lottery?

Today we have brought 2 types of interesting and practical formulas and methods for everyone to try and use. Let’s see. 1. Formula for calculating the top three numbers It’s not a complicated formula at all. But relies on patience in order to continue the formula over and over. There is a way to add the numbers from the 1st prize together. Using the example number 154632, which will be calculated as follows – Add the hundred thousand plus the hundred digit 1+6 = 7 – The result obtained is added by 1 3 times to get is 7+1 = 8 8+1 = 9 9+1 = 10 – add the result to the number 2.

But remove only the ones digit 10+2 = 12 remove the tens digit. The result is 2 – remove the result has been added to the number 3 in the last step, 2+3 = 5. The result obtained from this formula is 789025. 2. The formula for calculating the lower three numbers The last digit of the first formula will be used as well, which is 5, with the following calculation method: – add the 5 obtained with 2 = 7 – add 2 until you get a two-digit number, 7 + 2 = 9 ;

And here are the methods and formulas that we have introduced to all of you there. which if anyone is interested in trying the formula able to try and go play the online lottery Let’s win the online lottery together.