Pacheta thanks Villarreal president’s trust.

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Jose Rojo Martin or Pacheta held his first press conference as Villarreal football coach along with club president Fernando Roig.

Jose Rojo Martin or Pacheta the 55 years old held a press conference announcing his position as the new coach of Villarreal. Thanking Fernando Roig, the president of the Yellow Submarine team for giving him confidence. Ready to confirm that he will do his best. UFABET According to a report from Relebo last Tuesday. 

‘I don’t know if that’s fair or not. But I’m here.’ Pacheta said, ‘to bring energy, excitement to make sure everyone who comes to practice is happy. So when they knocked on my door I am ready to welcome them with a smile. It’s all part of my job. And more than that, it makes me happy to do this.’

‘I have to thank Fernando (Roig Negeroles, club president) in the first meeting. We talked about football for 5 hours, it was amazing. After a few days, I didn’t see them call me, but they came and for that I thank you. Because in terms of my career It is a very important occasion. My gratitude is the highest.’

Pacheta said:

When asked about Villarreal, the biggest event of his career. After having only worked on the Liga stage twice, both clubs ended up being relegated, Huesca and Real Valladolid. 

‘We all come with baggage in the world of football. I have a management style and group that is very similar to Villarreal’s. It’s the best team we’ve ever coached. But I’m sure we can handle this. If I don’t believe in my own quality I probably wouldn’t come here.’ 

It’s like Jose Luis Mendilibar, who came to work with Sevilla in March. Before the 62-year-old coach led Sevillano to their first European appearance, reaching the Europa League title last season.

‘I have never coached a European team. I have no experience in Europe. But I’ll pick it up quickly. I didn’t have any promotion experience and I was successful. Experience will come gradually. I arrived at an important team. There is a chairman who has been in charge for many years and is stable. It is an exemplary club. There is stability and people are very close.’