Henderson believes ‘Liverpool’ have no end, always comeback

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Jordan Henderson, the “Reds” captain, answers journalists’ questions about whether this Liverpool team Has come to an end or not

, Oliver Holt from the Daily Mail had the opportunity to talk to Henderson on various issues by one interesting thing. Was the question he asked Jordan Henderson:

“Is this the end?”

Henderson replied: “No, definitely not.” He took a break. before asking the reporter “Who’s the end?”

Holt replied: “This set of hums.”

Then Henderson gave an in-depth answer.

“When you say ‘this team’, the team is always evolving. Is this team the same as it was 3-4 years ago? I don’t know, you have to tell me, it’s evolving all the time. The UFABET report

” There are players moving out and moving in. Everything evolves constantly. The only thing that stays the same you have to keep fighting. You have to keep working and fighting.

“But for Liverpool There will be no end. The players who are here now, the manager, the fans, the club and everything, we will always fight. Fighting for a comeback from a bad time

“People are quick to judge what is wrong. But it was only four or five months ago that we played every game we could. We won two trophies, we reached the Champions League final and missed the league by one point.

“You have to put things in perspective a little bit. That doesn’t mean everything is great. because it’s not like that But I know the players in the dressing room. And I know they will give everything every time they play.

“The most important thing is dealing with hardships and problems. the past few years We do that very well. And now we have to do it again.”