Dalot drops ‘McTominay’ as a role model for the Red Devils

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Manchester United defender Diogo Dalot praises fellow midfielder Scott McTominay as a true role model for the club. The Whiskey star came

on as a substitute before scoring the winning goal late in the win over Manchester United. Aston Villa 2-1 last weekend

This is the seventh goal he has scored in 21 games this season. Despite always having to come in and out of the team.

Dalot, who opened the ball, said: “I think every time he comes on the field. He has the heart to try and score goals. Try to help the team ′

McTominay, who replaced Marcus Rashford, was picked out by a superb Diogo Dalot cross and the 27-year-old United midfielder connect with a brilliant bullet header.

Emi Martinez was unable to prevent McTominay’s close-range powerful header. With the United star ensuring Ten Hag’s side walked away with all three points. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

United are sixth in the Premier League table after Sunday’s win and are five points behind fifth-place Villa and six points adrift from fourth-place Tottenham.

Dalot, who impressed with his performance against Villa, has now spotlighted one of his teammates with praise after the Premier League contest at Villa Park.

′ We have to have this kind of heart at this club. I think he is the perfect person to show that even playing as a reserve player he can have a positive impact this season.”