Fresh & Healthy Fruit Smoothies

Healthy fruit smoothies always play a double role when it comes to a healthy diet. They not only satiate our thirst but these yummy drinks can satisfy our hunger as well. How to make healthy fruit smoothies? Well, here are a couple of healthy fruit smoothies recipes which are easy to prepare and ideal for an in between snack.

Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipe:

What you need:

• 2 Kiwi's-peeled and cut
• 1 Banana
• 5 Strawberries
• 7 Raspberries
• 300 ml low fat natural yogurt
• 1 glass milk

Blend all the ingredients for healthy fruit smoothies in the blender, till you get the preferred consistency. Add some milk if it is too thick and serve immediately.

Strawberry Smoothie

What you need to make these healthy fruit smoothies:

• 10 Cold Strawberries
• about 4-5 ice cubes
• ½ teaspoon Vanilla essence
• 4 teaspoons Icing sugar
• about 40ml semi-skimmed milk

Place the strawberries, milk and the ice cubes together into the blender. Blend until it smoothens. Now, add the vanilla essence and the icing sugar. Blend this further and serve in tall glasses. Garnish with some sliced strawberries.

Banana Smoothie:

What you will need:

• 2 cups Fat free milk
• 1 peeled banana, frozen
• ½ teaspoon Vanilla extract
• ¼ teaspoon Almond extract
• Cinnamon for garnishing

Mix all the ingredient sin a blender excluding the cinnamon and blend this till it smoothens. Sprinkle with some ground cinnamon and serve.

One can always experiment with new fruits and create many more easy healthy fruit smoothies recipes.

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