Healthy Fruit Dip Recipes

Healthy fruit dips are light, refreshing and tasty. They can be served along with any type of fresh, grilled or baked fruit. Kids and adults both love to indulge in a healthy fruit dip. It is a fitting complement to fresh fruit. Generally, healthy fruit dip recipes follow the dips to be low in calories, high in nutrients and taste good at the same time. That means the dip should have its own identity but also bring out the freshness and sweetness of the fruit.

Most fruit dips are based in yogurt or cream, loaded with sugar and therefore high in calories. But making healthy fruit dips is very easy and they taste just as good. Remember that fruit dips made with too much added can turn the fruits a bit bitter or sour.

Healthy fruit dip bases
One of the most common fruit dip base is the yogurt. As long as one keeps a cheek on the fat and calories, it serves as a good base. Yogurt is a rich source of protein and calcium. Plus its neutral taste makes it an ideal base in healthy fruit dip recipes, as it easily absorbs and showcases other flavors. Always go for low-fat yogurt, without any added sugar or flavor.

Flavors for healthy fruit dips
The idea behind healthy fruit dip recipes is to sweeten and flavor yogurt and other dip bases to improve the taste, but without going high on calories. Some good ideas are to add honey and lime zest. Other suggestions are maple syrup and vanilla extract or cinnamon and honey.

Add-ons in healthy fruit dips
One can try further addition to the fruit dips to improve its taste and texture, but keeping it healthy at the same time. Some examples are sweetened coconut, citrus zest or slivered nuts. To give it a nice look, one can add drizzle honey or maple syrup over the top. You can also sprinkle the dip lightly with large granules of sugar to add crunch as well as give visual appeal. Some healthy spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ground ginger give a whole new depth to the fruit dip.

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