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Foods and nutrients beneficial for your hair

Both men and women might be affected by hair loss in some circumstances and at some moments in their lives. Either it occurs due to stress, medications, genetics, nutrition or some diseases, hair loss or alopecia could seriously affect our confidence and self-esteem.

Provillus - - is a dietary supplement that supports the stop of hair loss in both women and men, promoting the regrowth of healthy hair in a natural and safe way. Because it has natural and powerful Provillus ingredients that get to the root of the problem which caused hair loss, Provillus is a great supplement that prevents and eliminates the problem of hair loss.

Also known as alopecia, hair loss affects many people and it is quite difficult to find the exact cause of it. But thankfully there are numerous treatments available, prescription drugs, supplements and nutrients that promote the regrowth of hair and restore the beautiful appearance of scalp. Here are some food items that will certainly provide you a healthy hair:

Salmon – containing great amounts of protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, salmon encourages the growth of hair and hydrates the scalp as well. In case if you do not like salmon, you can opt for sardines, herring, mackerel and trout, but also for foods such as avocado, walnuts and even pumpkin seeds. They all contain fatty acids, which are beneficial for hair growth.

Because iron deficiency may be the root of your hair loss, supplementing with iron will stop thinning of your hair and your hair will regrow, as well. Consider including in your diet plan foods rich in iron, such as leafy vegetables, red meat, lentils and beans, tofu, pistachios, oysters, spinach, broccoli and liver.

Walnuts contain considerable amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, biotin and copper, which offer protection to cells against DNA damage, maintain the beautiful appearance of hair and prevent loss of hair. You may use walnut oil instead of canola or safflower, add it in your salad or make a hair treatment with it. Blueberries, strawberries and kiwis are items rich in vitamin C, which supports the tiny blood vessels and therefore nourish the scalp. Preventing hair breakage and feeding the hair follicles, vitamin C is a great nutrient for hair and should be included in your everyday nutrition plan.

Magnesium has numerous benefits for skin, hair and overall health. The hair follicles require magnesium in order to form strong hair follicles and hair strands, supporting the scalp to stay intact for a longer period. Eat plenty of food items rich in magnesium, like nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, mackerel, whole grains, bananas and dried fruits.

Try Provillus, this remarkable supplement designed for both women and men affected by hair loss. Because the ingredients of Provillus get to the root of the problem and promote the healthy regrowth of strong hair, it is a great product that stops and prevents loss of hair. Use Provillus and maintain a beautiful and healthy appearance of hair!

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