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Don’t forget about breakfast time!

I'm Monica and i'm from Poland. I want to tell you how important is breakfast. I lead personal blog, where I put photos of my breakfasts. Read more about my favourite meal.

We not always remember about eating breakfast, what unfavorably affects on our metabolism. In this way we slowing it and feel more hungry during the day. People deny themselves breakfasts more often because of work, school or for sleep. Is it not better to skip the Internet, movie or night overeating, go sleep earlier and eat delicous breakfast in the morning? It could be large portion of food! Look at my way of composing breakfasts - Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes, sometimes half an hour or an hour – everything depends on the type of food or the way of making it, for example frying, cooking or baking.

I usually eat sweet breakfasts but I try to eat “salty” once a week , like scrambled eggs or sandwiches. My meals are so various and hardly ever repeats. Never with the same composition. Believe me – after almost 250 blog breakfasts I still have a lot of ideas for the rest! It gives me some fun. In this way since the morning I have better sense of humor. And don’t think that I have a lot of free time. Contrary! Currently I’m learning at high school and I must get up very early for my class. In spite of all because of my good organisation I can find the time for fun. I can't go out without breakfast – I think it’s my habit. One year ago I lost some weight and I’m still keeping the right one. Even if I ate almost 700 calories for breakfast, I know it’s a good ones which are burnt during the all day. I have one rule – eats big breakfast but poor supper.

For the end – oatmeal, healthy pancakes, crepes, groats, fruits, vegetables, cakes, buns, cookies, sweets. pasta...all of them you can eat for breakfast! Don’t be afraid to try! You’re vegetarian or vegan ? You’ll find something for you too :) Check out my blog Maybe I’ll inspire you? You may pay more attention for the most important meal in your day? Remember! If you don’t have much time in the morning, you can make pudding or oatmeal the day before and have ready breakfast! Simple, delicous and healthy. What do you want more? :D

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